Mr. Simon is a business man. He has so many business associates in and outside his country of residence. He spends two weeks in Africa, another two weeks in Europe, Asia E.T.C. He is married to a beautiful wife and together they had three children.

A very wealthy man, tall and always looking smart. His Children attends the most expensive school in his home country, they live in a big mansion with chef, Gardner, chauffer and every good comfort you can think of.

Everywoman wishes for such man. But something was missing.

Mr. Simon calls home every day speaks to the Children and the wife but something was missing.

However, he comes home most times and spends only a week or two with his family and within this period, he is still working on his laptop, having video conferences. The wife tells him of the need to drop all work when he gets back home and concentrate on the family but he tells her that this is what pays the bills. No doubt he wants the best for his family. But something is still missing.

Mrs. Simon engages in a conversation with her Ex-boyfriend who is not yet married. He gives her a listening ear. She begins to visit him when the Children are away to school.

She tells him everything she is going through. He devotes his time doing a video call with her and most times comes around and take the Children out to the playground. They get fond of Mr. Paul.

Mr. Simon calls home both the Children and wife are always in a hurry to drop the call. He comes back home as usual spend just short time and off he goes.

One day, Mr. Simon came back home. While working on his laptop, his last Child of five years, came into his room and asked him what he was doing. He said “working”. She asked, “Are you my daddy”? He nodded. But you have never visited my school. My classmates call Mr. Paul my Daddy because he comes for all my school activities. Mr. Paul takes us to the playground, assists us with our homework. Mr. Paul tells us how to identify strangers and how to call for help when in trouble. He teaches us about the private parts of our body and why they are called private. Mr. Paul knows our birthdays and he is always present on our birthdays. We have sign language and codes we use. I think my classmates are right says the little girl. Mr. Paul is my Daddy. Because while reading the role of a father in School, Mr. Paul fits the role. So, who are you?




Time is very precious especially time we spend with our Children. If you are a very busy parent or parents, your job takes you out of your home, find time to call always. Do a video call. Ask your children all the question you will ask in their presence. Teach them all they need to know at every stage of their lives.

When you are at home please be at home. Don’t be physically present at the same time be absent. Let them feel your presence when you are around.

What is your Child’s favorite game in school? What club does your Child belong to in school?

Do not let a stranger play your role in the lives of your children because you might end up being the stranger.

Money cannot buy the time we spend with our children. Give them attention.


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