Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness, and light into our lives. – By Kartini Diapari-Oengider

The gift of a Child is a very precious gift from God. Therefore, every Child deserves love, protection, and care.

Let us take a look at some steps we need to follow. The DOS and the DONTS in raising a Child.

  • Attempting to mold a child in the image of the father, mother, uncles etc. is totally wrong. Every Child is an individual and should be permitted to be his or herself.
  • Discipline is a good measure used in raising a child but, should be done with firmness and reason. Ensure the punishment fits the crime. Do not punish in anger, to avoid loosing respect or the child’s love.
  • In communicating with a Child, make the child Understand that mummy and daddy or any adult can err too. Do not present yourself as a perfectionist.
  • Help the Child to understand that there is dignity in hard work. A life of ease and pleasure is empty and unfulfilling, but, a useful life is blessed.
  • Do not make promises to a child that you cannot live up to. Reason is that if you fail your promise, the Child could lose faith in you as the parents and might find it difficult believing anything.
  • Cute as they can be, they also have their desires. Do not give all to them. Let them learn the thrill of earning and the joy that comes after achievements.
  • Trouble is a great equalizer let them learn disappointment. It will help to make them strong.
  • Above all, teach your Child how to love. Love for God and Love for Humans. They learn from examples.
  • Do not tell a Child to abide in God but teach a child how to abide in God. The strength of a Child and light when everything seems to fail could be in his deep and abiding faith in God.













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